Preserved flowers are ‘real flowers’. Although flower preservation is as early as history of man, a revolutionary technology of preserving flowers was invented in 1989 in France after years of research. It is an innovative technology of preserving flowers that maintain their original shape, brightness, and suppleness. Since then, this technology has been perfected & the industry has expanded worldwide. International flower & interior designers have used preserved flowers in their unique creation and make it popular around the globe.

We are the first to introduce preserved flower to Indonesia. Our designer is the first Certified Japanese Flower Instructor in Indonesia; launched and taught the art of preserved flowers since 2010. Rose Pompon is created to bring art and beauty of preserved flowers closer to more.


Peserved flowers are natural flowers that are selected and cut at the peak of blooming beauty and then ‘eternized’ which is a process of introducing an organic substances into the flower. This unique preservation process allows the flowers to maintain their beauty, soft and delicate appearance for a long time. As preserved flowers are long lasting, it becomes popular for weddings to create the bouquet and flower decorations.


Flower speaks a thousand words; it can express feelings that so often words fail to convey. And there is nothing more perfect than saying it with everlasting flowers. It is more than just a flower, it is a dream come true, an artwork that is nothing but valuable. Rose Pompon is perfect for every occasions, especially those occasions you wish to cherish forever.