Rosepompon coverage in Nankyokusei, Japanese Community Magazine

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Nankyokusei Magazine is a Japanese community magazine in Jakarta which covers topics about culture, travel, gourmet, art, etc. Here is the cover of Rose Pompon in Nankyokusei.

The thoughts and ideas as gifts were captured in ‘Preserved Flowers’. The real flowers are specially treated through a series of process, which include bleaching and colouring will preserve the flower throughout a long period of time.

Creating an everlasting memories and will decorate every corner of your house. Will brighten your day in the hospital and cherish the moment in the wedding and many more occassions.

Preserved Flowers were hardly known in Indonesia and Rose Pompon is the pioneer of preserved flowers in Indonesia. The flower arrangement lesson is held once a week by a Japanese instructor, Mrs. Ito.

In this flower arrangement lesson with a topic ‘French Garden Style & Noble Arrangement’. The making of ribbon, wiring, composing from selected materials will create an interesting piece. For those ‘preserved flowers’ lovers who register earlier will obtain their qualification from Purizabingu Flower Association.

All the ‘preserved flowers’ are imported from Japan. ‘Here in Indonesia there are so many tropical flowers. I really wish that they can preserve Frangipani’ said Mrs. Ito.

* Rose Pompon has designed ‘Preserved flowers’ for every mom at the wedding day.

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